About Us


The world of ‘Finance’, ‘Accounting’ and ‘Laws’ are changing at a faster pace than it were in the preceding decades. Similarly Information Technology is expanding in a mind -boggling speed. One has to keep up with the changes and adapt itself to such changes. It has to be concurrently done. We have to move with the ‘time’. Otherwise we all will become ‘redundant’. Hence, we selected the name ‘Real Time’ to keep abreast of all up-to-date developments happening in our field of expertise.

WHY THE COLOURS ‘Purple’ and ‘Ash’

The colour signifies the following:

  • ‘Purple’       :       Positive Attitude
  • ‘Ash’            :       Purity


If you look at the logo, you will observe that it has neither a beginning nor an end. Our attempt to create value addition should be a never ending process. It should continue forever.

Further, there are spaces in between to show that there are two sides to any situation in life, like day and night, good or bad, right or wrong, happiness and worry, success and failure etc. The list goes on.

Again, the circles, if you count, total 5 which represent 5 elements of this universe beyond which there is nothing. Everything in this universe comes within the ambit of these 5 elements – Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Sky.


With our wholehearted endeavor we can create a mega institution spread throughout the country to make our following‘motto’ a reality.