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About Us
Why Real Time Solutions & Training Centre?

Our enterprise is a conglomeration of experienced Chartered Accountants, retired Income - tax officers, College Professors, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Advocates, MBA´s... who have been in the field for more than two decades.

All are experts and experienced persons in the field of finance, accounts, internal controls, audits, Statutory Compliances under various direct and indirect tax laws (like Income-tax, Sales tax, Service tax, Excise duty etc),Statutory Compliances under Corporate laws like Companies Act, SEBI etc, Labour laws etc.

Need for such an Institution:

Now-a-days, the business peoples’ major time is taken-up towards complying with various statutory compliances (since failure to comply results in penalties and prosecutions) and also in ensuring that proper and updated books of account with documentary evidences are maintained.

The problem further gets aggravated due to high employee turnover especially in the finance and accounts departments resulting in delays and other adverse consequences.

Our venture is to help business entities, or for that matter, any entity, existing for profit or not, to render uninterrupted quality service in the areas of finance, accounts as well as statutory compliances, so that management can focus more on their business activities.

Our Institution :
Division I : Real Time Solutions.

Engaged in rendering quality services in the areas of accounts, finance and Statutory Compliances, corporate laws etc.
It will help the enterprise in ensuring that books of account are maintained up to date and that statutory compliances are adhered to within the specified time limits prescribed under the respective applicable laws. Further, all other professional services related to the said areas are also rendered.

Division II : Real Time Training Centre.

To give training to all those who are in the field basically to bridge the following three gaps.

  1. Gaps in theoretical know ledge and practical application.
  2. Gaps in subject knowledge and software knowledge.
  3. Gaps in adopting a holistic approach taking into consideration the requirements of the applicable laws in the country.

This training will be extremely useful for:

  1. Graduates/Post-graduates of any discipline in their final year of study.
  2. Graduates / Post-graduates who have completed their course and waiting to get employment;
  3. Students who are studying for professional courses like CA, Cwa, CS, CFA, ACCA etc.
  4. Who are presently employed but lacks experience and exposure to practical situation.
  5. Those house-wives who have completed their studies but, due to marriage could not take up employment, but now ready to take up jobs.

Our intention is to make them employable with the minimum required practical skill and competence.